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JLugo_Energy-MineralsThis Blog site and my Smartphone APP, “HealthyLC,” provides information on health and wellness that allows the reader to plan for and make healthy lifestyle choices at their own pace.  The basic and advanced information on health and fitness covers diet, exercise and supplementation routines that have been obtained from credible sources, or my own personal experience during trial and error testing that I have conducted since 1964, or both.

The focus of the information is on the metabolic processes of the body and how the processes determine the changes we need to make to stay healthy as we age.  The end result is, we slow down and reverse the aging process thereby reversing age related health issues such as: Cancer, arthritis, waning libido, low energy levels, hair loss, failing eyesight, heart disease and BPH.

How do you know my suggested healthy lifestyle choices are working?  All you need to do is look in the mirror.  If you are growing or regrowing a full head of hair, walking without joint pain or stiffness, or your skin has a healthier glow then you know the changes are working.

My Blogs and Smartphone APP pages both provide pieces of the anti-aging puzzle so you can test each for yourself and feel and look your best.  This is my promise to you.

Note: The HealthyLC APP is downloadable for free.  The basic information provided on the APP is a wealth of knowledge that will help you make healthy lifestyle choices that will change how you view heath and fitness forever.

Jorge Lugo

Health Analysis LLC

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