Can Nutrition Stop Radiation Poisoning – Vitamins C, E and A For Protection



Research conducted on laboratory mice concluded that nutrition can prevent the damaging effects of radiation. When we hear the word radiation, nutrition is the farthest thing from our minds.  What does come to mind is the image of exposure to enriched uranium, as a result of fallout, from an atomic detonation.  But aside from atomic blasts that are more frequent today, we are also bombarded by a variety of sources of radiation.

We are exposed to power lines, cell phones and towers, and let us not forget the microwave.  The reality is, this long term exposure to low levels of radiation that we experience on a daily basis can be just as damaging, and possibly just as deadly as exposure to fall out from an atomic blast.

The Evidence

In 1982, Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw published the bestselling book titled, “Life Extension.”  The focus of the book was the use of FDA approved drugs to cause the body to stimulate metabolic functions to speed up the regeneration of cells in the body.  When regeneration occurs, the body is more energetic and looks younger.

In the book, Mr. Pearson and Ms. Shaw also cover the importance of nutrition by supplementing with vitamins and minerals.  The importance of nutrition was highlighted in one study cited in the book.  In the study, mice were separated into 2 groups.  The first group was fed a normal mouse diet while the second group was fed the same diet supplemented with vitamins C, E and A.  The mice were then exposed to deadly doses of radiation.  The results showed a dramatic difference between the 2 groups.  The mice from the first group all died.  In sharp contrast, the mice in the second group that ate the normal mouse diet supplemented with vitamins C, E and A all survived.  Imagine a deadly dose of radiation that kills mice having no or little effect on the mice whose diet was supplemented with good nutrition.  Pretty amazing!

So there you have it.  Making sure that you supplement your diet with adequate amounts of vitamins C, E and A will ensure your continued health and wellness in spite of the bombardment of chronic levels of radiation that the environment around us provides.  So what are adequate levels of C, E and A?

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C puts the immune system T-cells in high gear.  As a result, the T-cells aggressively destroy cancer cells.  Radiation has been shown to increase the risk of cancer.  So I am currently taking 4,000mg of vitamin C with no adverse effect on my stomach.   However, it’s important to note that the stomach can handle up to 2,000mg at one time according to Dr. Linus Pauling and other vitamin C researchers.  To stay well below the 2,000mg limit, I take 1,500mg with breakfast, 1,500mg with lunch, and 1,000mg with dinner and it does not affect my stomach.

I go into more detail on these 3 vitamins on my Smartphone APP, “HealthyLC,”  The information on C,E and A that I provide goes into amounts and my experience with supplementing my diet with these vitamins.

Vitamin E:

vitamin E prevents the growth of tumor cells into cancerous cells by depriving the tumor cells of the large blood supply they need as they grow into cancer  cells.  The recommended dose for those who supplement is 400IU.  The upper limit is 800mg.  However, if you exercise heavily, you might consider going even higher than 800IU.

Vitamin A:

A is available via a multivitamin-mineral tablet that contains 5,000IU of the vitamin.  It would be beneficial to also take 5,000IU of Beta Carotene which is the vegetable form of A.  The combination of A and Beta Carotene has been shown to increase the bioavailability of A when both are taken.  Beta Carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body as needed.

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