Chronic Illness – The High Cost of Getting Sick

Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

The cost of treating chronic illness can get expensive.  Forty-two percent of adults in the US don’t think they can afford to get sick.  The financial hardship associated with deductibles and co-pays can literally drive those of us with medical insurance to the poor house.  I would hate to think what the consequences of getting sick means to those individuals who don’t have medical insurance.

For the past 7 years, I had a health issue that required medical attention.  As I aged past 60, my prostate began to grow slowly (BPH).  From 2009 to 2016, I have visited my Urologist once every 3 – 6 months.  During this time, I have had a permanent catheter placed for a week to empty my bladder, and have had 2 biopsies completed.  I have been catheter free for a number of years until July 2016 when my prostate squeezed my urethra shut.  I am now using catheters to empty my bladder.  That is the bad news.  The good news is: I believe my taking extra vitamin A to shrink my prostate (my latest experiment) back to normal size and health is the cause of my prostate squeezing my urethra shut.

If I am right about vitamin A being a key nutrient that promotes prostate health, then my BPH will become less of a health issue as time passes and I will no longer need catheters to empty my bladder.  If I am successful at shrinking my prostate back to normal size, I will present the details of my experiment on this Blogsite and my Smartphone APP, HealthyLC.

Meanwhile, the co-pays, and extra costs associated with biopsies and catheters has cost me dearly; not only in dollars but in mental and physical stress as well.  I have lived with the concern that my unwillingness to give up my prostate to the doctor’s scalpel could have damaged my bladder, and worse, my kidneys.

I also suffered through a cancer diagnosis discovered in my first biopsy (2012).  I relied on my knowledge of vitamins C and E in hopes that by taking extra of each on a daily basis that it would stop my cancer.  And it did!  The extra C and E that I took lowered my PSA reading within 6 months, and my second biopsy (2015) indicated that my prostate was free of cancer.  The details of that experiment are covered in my Smartphone APP “HealthyLC” in the Premium Suite.

Another case in point: A few years back, I had a health issue that required medical investigation.  I visited my doctors and they proceeded to run tests including an MRI to determine if I did have a serious medical problem.  The good news is they did not detect anything serious.  The bad news is, that over a 6 week period, I spent about $1,200.00 in deductibles and co-pays.  It was then that I decided that I cannot afford to really get sick.

So how does one keep from getting sick?  I recommend you do what I do.  Take high quality supplements that include extra anti-oxidants such as C and B-Complex, E and anti-oxidant phytochemicals by eating more fruits, vegetables, and soy.  In addition, I also take plant materials (tablets) that give the immune system a super boost, and polyphenols (like Resveratrol) that repair DNA and RNA and promote the healthy reproduction of the mitochondrion of the cells.  And last but not least, read information on what lifestyle activities take advantage of the metabolic processes of the body and put that information into practice.  A good place to start is this Blogsite and my Smartphone APP, “HealthyLC.”

My healthy lifestyle choices (HLC) suggestion is:  Increase your nutrition by taking supplements that will make a difference in how you look and feel, and visit this Blogsite and download my APP from Google Play or Apple Store and read the information and put the information into practice.  The result will be you will look and feel your best.  The added benefit being you will lower your risk of really getting sick and facing mental stress and financial hardship.

Jorge Lugo

Healthanalysis LLC

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