Is There A Cure For Fibromyalgia – Can Fat Intake Be The Answer





Is There A “Cure” For Fibromyalgia?  The medical doctors say there is no cure for fibromyalgia.  However, from my observations of a woman with a very serious case of fibromyalgia, I have discovered that there is indeed a “cure” for the illness.  Based on what I observed, the “cure” for fibromyalgia is as simple as the “cure” for asthma?  That is, it is all about a dietary imbalance.  In the case of asthma, the dietary imbalance is protein intake.  In the case of fibromyalgia, it is fat intake.

I need to first correct my wording.  “Cure” is not the best word for what I am about to describe.  I prefer to call it a “dietary correction.”  Why not “cure?”   First and foremost, I am not a doctor.  Second, because cure is a medical term that connotes exhaustive research that results in a drug or procedure that eradicates the health issue.  My approach is holistic.  I seek to find a lifestyle connection with a health issue.  When I find the connection, I make the lifestyle correction and the health issue goes away.

I will recap on the dietary correction for asthma.  I discovered the link between protein and asthma in 1995.  In 2006, I completed the details of how protein intake can be managed so that asthma becomes a non-issue over the lifetime of asthmatics.  In 2008, Johns Hopkins published a study stating that there is a link between protein intake and the reduction of the severity of asthma attacks.  That study provided credibility to my protein-asthma theory.


In January 2015, I met a lady that suffered with debilitating bouts of fibromyalgia that left her bedridden for 5 to 7 days from time to time.  When I met her, I was intrigued by the thought of tackling a health issue head on versus discovering a solution to a problem over time as I happened across information related to that health issue.  I told her it would take me from 1 to 2 years to find a solution to her fibromyalgia.

Why 1 to 2 years?  I have been working health and wellness issues for over 50 years.  During this time, I have developed an intuition concerning health and wellness that has helped me quickly narrow the focus of my experiments to a health solution.  My first health solution took me 20 years to uncover (hair growth: 1987 to 2007).  Eight years later, I am down to less than 2 years.

Back to the lady with fibromyalgia:  I changed her dietary balance by lowering her carbohydrate-protein ratio and added vitamins and minerals to her daily diet.  These changes helped.  But she continued to have debilitating bouts that left her bedridden although they were less frequent.

During my initial observations, I did notice that she was eating a large amount of butter on bread an hour or so before going to bed.  She was doing this to insure that her blood sugar would not drop overnight.  Being a “health nut,” I found this practice disturbing but did not want to make a change that might cause her to go into cardiac arrest, so I said little about it.  It wasn’t until I began to eat a small piece of bread soaked in olive oil late in the evening that I made the fat connection.  When I began the practice of ingesting a large amount of fat in the evening, I began to experience leg muscle pain and discomfort.  The pain and discomfort was so great that I was having trouble falling asleep.

This is when my health and wellness intuition kicked in.  I thought to myself, this is strangely similar to the fibromyalgia pain and discomfort of the muscles that she has been experiencing for years.  Her muscular pain and discomfort covers her whole body.  My muscle pain, due to the short amount of time that I practiced ingesting large amounts of fat late in the evening, began by affecting my leg muscles.  If I had continued to eat that much fat for a longer period of time, I would also have succumbed to more painful bouts of muscular pain and discomfort that would have covered other parts of my body.

I stopped eating large amounts of fat in the evening and my pain disappeared immediately.  She substituted a carbohydrate snack for the bread smothered with butter and she has not had fibromyalgia pain that leaves her bedridden any longer.  She does continue to have muscular pain and discomfort that can last for up to a day.  This will continue until her body’s muscles repair – provided she continues to watch her fat intake.  At that time, she will begin a walking program increasing her level and intensity of activity to the point where she will be considered physically fit and free of fibromyalgia pain.

To read more about my observations on fibromyalgia (and asthma) and how I helped this lady rid herself of the muscular pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia, download my Smartphone and Tablet APP,  HealthyLC.  In the APP, HealthyLC, I will also update the Page on fibromyalgia with updates on the progress of this now happier lady.

One last point: Don’t forget that you heard the fibromyalgia solution (fat intake) here on by Jorge Lugo for the very first time.  Eventually, just like in the protein-asthma solution, Johns Hopkins or another research institution will look into the fat-fibromyalgia solution and confirm there is a connection.

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