Molasses versus Sugar

I read a short article on the Internet that compared sugar and molasses.  The article stated they were both sugars and therefore the same.  They could not have been more wrong.

Molasses is a byproduct of the process of refining cane sugar into sugar.  That process removes water, vitamins, minerals and fiber from the cane sugar.  Molasses retains the water, vitamins and minerals that were removed from the cane sugar.

Therefore, sugar and molasses are very different.  Molasses is comprised of 22% water.  It also contains in 1 teaspoon: Potassium – 102.0mg, Magnesium – 17.0mg, Calcium – 14.4mg, Omega 6 – 3.5mg, Selenium – 1.3mg, and Choline – 1.0mg.  Sugar contains no water or vitamins and minerals.  Moreover, to make matters worse, the lack of water in table sugar cause it to draw water from the body for it to be digested.  Consequently, sugar dehydrates the body.

Molasses, on the other hand, contains water and vitamins and minerals that promote hydration and improved health while satisfying the sweet tooth.

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